You’ve spent a great deal of time and money on your new softscaping updates and you want to keep it fresh by keeping it irrigated and well-drained.  Many home buyers are drawn to homes with automatic irrigation systems and well-drained lawns.  It’s one less thing they must think or worry about and people are willing to pay a bit more for it.

Irrigation systems

There are many pluses to consider when installing an automatic irrigation system. 

It’s convenient.  Irrigation systems frequently come with a built-in timer, so you don’t have to worry about dragging the hose out and making time to water your lawn.  Irrigation systems are effective in that they are efficient in watering every time and it’s automatic, so it takes care of your watering for you.

It reduces weeds.   In some irrigation systems, water is distributed directly to the roots preventing weed seeds from germinating.

It saves water.  An irrigation system saves on water.  Some irrigation systems can monitor the weather to ensure your lawn and softscaping gets the water it needs.

It increases home value.  Most real estate agents agree that a beautiful lawn will demand a higher selling price.  In addition to the beautiful effects of a well-manicured softscaping design, adding an irrigation system is probably the most cost-effective way to increase your home value.


A flooded yard and basement can destroy your home value.  While most people think that an updated interior design will command a higher selling price a lesser-known fact is that a dry basement and yard will add more value to your home.  When planning your landscaping you will always want to grade your lawn.  This will keep water away from your home’s foundation and keep your basement dry. 

Preparing your lawn for optimum drainage can be quite simple.  Here are a few ideas to help keep your lawn pristine and well-drained.

French Drain.  Instead of directing water to your landscaping a French drain directs it to a drain.  This is the most popular type of drainage system.

Grassy Swale.  A swale helps water get disbursed through your grassy areas.  It’s an area of lawn carefully graded to redirect water.

Landscape Bog Area.  This allows your landscaping to be your drainage solution and is a great way to redirect small amounts of excess water.

Corrugated tubing.  This is the least expensive method of redirecting water.  It involves attaching a simple corrugated plastic tube that is placed on the end of your downspout to redirect water.

Simple planning with the assistance of a landscaping designer can help you design an amazing and timeless softscape.  Carefully landscaped yards and stunning curb appeal are becoming increasingly important when selling your home.  First impressions are always best.