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“Haddad Landscaping helped make their lives easier and their spaces more beautiful.”

– Laura H., Ann Arbor

“My wife and I decided to hire John to install a paver patio in my backyard for our family to enjoy. John did an excellent job designing, communicating, and setting expectations for our job, ensuring everything would go well. His crew showed up on time, according to plan, and completed our job in a timely fashion. We are very impressed with the quality and level of service provided by John and his crew and are very happy we hired them! We will definitely think of them first if we have any future landscaping needs!”

Jereme B., Oak Park

“John and his crew at Haddad Landscaping did a wonderful job installing our new paver patio in our backyard. His guys were extremely professional throughout the entire process, keeping their work area tidy, wearing uniforms, and completing the job even quicker than expected. We are extremely happy with him and his crew and will be referring them in the future.”

Stephanie & Dennis C., Dexter

“I called John on Tuesday October 2nd in hopes that he could come out and give me a quote to install a concrete patio for my daughters engagement party on the 14th. The landscaper who I had been counting on to complete the project bailed on me, and I was in panic mode to get the job done! After I told John about the situation, he came out the immediately and met with my husband and I to discuss our needs for the project. He explained all of the different options for the patio, and ended up giving us three proposals for our favorite three options. Once we selected the proposal to go with, John immediately started working so he could get our job done in time for the engagement party. He had his crew out the very next day, and completed our project by sundown. My husband and I were honestly amazed with John, as we didn’t think it was possible to complete a job like ours on such short notice. It’s safe to say we are very happy with his work, and his dedication to us as his customers. We have already given him multiple referrals, and will continue to do so for years to come. Thank you John and your entire crew at Haddad Landscaping for doing a wonderful job!”

Debora H., Ann Arbor

“After interviewing 3 different landscape companies & considering 2 others, we decided on Haddad Landscaping. This is primarily because John Haddad, the owner himself, arrived equipped with business documentation, examples of their work, & prepared to answer all of our questions. He took the time to walk through our property, listen to our concerns, and measure potential site work.The work crew proved to be a motivated duo whose optimism & strength outpaced the brutal June heat. They graciously accepted our offers of cold bottled water at times & stayed the course which included removal of a dozen tough thorny midsize bushes, 2 small trees (including one ugly 8 foot+ buckthorn, shrub trimming, and a few other laborious tasks.The whole crew was friendly. Although not the least expensive quote, we believed Haddad Landscaping met our early Summer season need for a tremendous jump start on the overgrown & over planted yard in our new home.”

Angela and Oliver J., Ypsilanti

“John and his crew were great. We hired them to do a full landscape renovation at our house including removing the old landscape, installing a new landscape, and completely revamping our paver patio / walkway. John created a very nice landscape design for us that helped us visualize exactly how our landscape would look once they did their job, and I must say they did a very good job of realizing their design. We are extremely happy with the results of working with John and his crew and will be using him in the future to redo our front paver entryway and possibly even install pavers for our driveway. Thank you John!!”

Donald F., Milan

“I have two words for John Haddad, and his company Haddad Landscaping: Miracle Workers!!

I called John at 8 a.m. on a Thursday, after my existing landscaper was unable to follow through on a massive project at my home. I called other landscape companies before calling John, and every company told me that it was impossible to complete my job on such short notice. Finally, I called John Haddad at Haddad Landscaping.

I told John that I needed 32 yards of mulch and 20 yards of rock installed by 12 noon on Saturday, to make my home ready for a large gathering of family and friends. John made some calculations, and gave me a cost estimate based on my job as designed, including the time urgency due to my initial landscaper backing out of the job. Even though every other company told me it was impossible, John confidently assured me that he could have the job done in time. I had to make a quick decision to trust John and his company, if I wanted a chance of having the work completed in 2 days. I decided to go ahead based on my gut-level assessment of John, and then he far exceeded my expectations.

Within an hour, 4 dump trucks filled with materials were heading to my house. With amazing speed, John was able to contact and assemble a team of 9 workers arriving at my house by 2 p.m. John stayed on site, working all day and into the night managing his army of workers. He made my job extremely efficient and organized, and John and his crew finished our initially agreed upon work by 9 p.m. that same day!

My previous landscaper had significantly underestimated the quantity of mulch required for my job. So before he left on Thursday night, I had to arrange with John to extend and continue his work, in order to complete my job. We needed an additional 48 cubic yards of mulch to be delivered on Friday morning. John assembled another crew of 12 workers, and arrived at my house by 10 a.m., after getting his other crews started on jobs he was already contracted for. On Friday, John again stayed on-site running my project and working his organizational magic. His crew worked nonstop, completing the remaining work, including clean up, by 9 pm Friday night. The total amount of mulch needed ended up being 80 cubic yards – a large amount by anyone’s standards. Before we started, I was concerned that John may not be able to complete the work by my goal of 12 noon on Saturday. He astounded me: He finished more than twice the initially agreed upon work by Friday night. I am amazed !!!

John is extremely professional, detail oriented, and well organized, and he kept me updated throughout the entire project. John and his crew all wore uniforms and maintained a professional attitude and appearance the entire time that they worked on my property. I am completely satisfied with the work that I asked him to perform, and I will recommend him to my friends and neighbors.

If you’re looking for an outstanding professional landscape company that can get the job done on-time, price as estimated, and completed perfectly, John Haddad and Haddad Landscaping is the ONLY call you should make!!!”

Tony M., Ann Arbor

“I have hired John on multiple occasions for complex hardscape projects. Him and his crew of hardscape specialists have done an excellent job on every single project we have used them on. They are extremely skilled at what they do, are well equipped for large jobs, and work with great efficiency. We are very happy we found them. I own a larger landscape firm and receive a lot of requests for big landscape projects and have unfortunately been turning down a vast amount of work due to being short handed until I found John and his company Haddad Landscaping. I plan to use them next year in 2019 for many more projects.”

Jack K., Northville & Bloomfield Hills

“Haddad Landscaping is an outstanding company, and the owner John was prompt, professional, and great to work with. They are very knowledgeable and responsive. I would definitely recommend working with Haddad Landscaping if you have landscaping project.”

Alan P., Ann Arbor

“We found John online with many great reviews and decided to have him give us a quote for our patio installation. John came out very quickly, answered all of our questions and even helped educate us on best practices when installing pavers. He provided us with a quote in a very timely manner and had excellent communication through the whole process. We decided to hire him based on his excellent communication and in depth knowledge about his specialty. John got to our job ahead of schedule, and completed in half as much time as expected. We are extremely impressed with the outcome of this project. The workmanship is excellent, communication was excellent, timing was excellent, and John and his crew were a pleasure to work with!”

Kristin Q., Dexter

“I hired John to redesign / replace my deck and install a paver patio, while making them work together both aesthetically and functionally. John and his crew leader Carlos, as well as the rest of the crew, did a good job of completing my project even though it was quite complicated. John came out to check on the progress of the work regularly and ensure everything went as smooth as possible. The project did take a bit longer to complete than expected, but overall they did a very good job. Their workmanship is very good, and the crew is very knowledgeable and experienced. John and his crew were very good to work with.”

John H., Ann Arbor

“John Haddad and Haddad landscaping completed our paver patio project this summer and the work was top notch! John’s communication with us during the project was fantastic and even when there were issues with a miscommunication with his crew, John came to our home that same evening to make sure everything was corrected and on track. The paver patio is beautiful and we are thrilled with the warranty he provided on his work to ensure that it will look good for the long haul!.”

Kyle W., Ann Arbor

“I found John through a contractor directory service where I submitted a request for contact. John reached out very quickly and came out to my house that same weekend. Upon our initial consultation we decided it would be best if he did a 3d design that would help us visualize what the project would look like once complete. John’s design came out amazing and I was actually blown away with how realistic it looked in the renderings! So far they have completed the first phase of my project which included removing my old paver walkway, concrete patio, and timber retaining wall, and installing a new paver walkway, paver patio, block sitting wall / retaining wall, and firepit. I am extremely happy with the quality of their work and so far it is really beautiful. I can’t wait to have the rest of the work done next year. John and his crew are amazing craftsmen and if you’re looking for a professional company and top notch quality, look no further than John Haddad and Haddad Landscaping!”

Sharon S., Ann Arbor

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