Home improvements always have a positive impact on your home’s value.  Proper planning and quantifiable research will help you make the most of your design and establish a budget for your project.

Why is your budget important to us?  Your budget is an important part of our initial planning process.  It’s always well-advised to have a budget number or range in mind when first consulting with a project designer, as this will get everyone on the same page and give the designer a good idea of how much they should include in your project without exceeding your budget — but while still tackling your favorite design ideas.  If they create a design that is too extensive, then they could very well exceed what you’re willing to spend and waste hours of design time.  If it is not extensive enough, then they may let you down and not provide you with the full vision of what your project could become.

Having an established budget allows our designers to plan, evaluate, and provide options for your project.  It allows us to select appropriate materials (hardscape and softscape) that suit your style, tastes, and project’s functionality. Without an established budget, our designers may not be able to accommodate all your requirements and wishes in your design.

Our goal is to design a project that is pleasing, functional, and suits you requirements and remains within your budget.  Below is an example of two patio projects, both functional and both with user-defined budgets.

Hand Drawn Patio Landscape Design

Budget Example 1:

The Yard:  Private, wooded, 1-acre lot with mature trees, immaculately maintained
The House:  3,000 sf newly remodeled home, built in the 1980s, detailed exterior features and natural woodwork

The Neighborhood:  Established custom homes, quiet suburban setting

The Family:  Active family of four; social and frequently entertains family and friends

Goals for the New Yard:  Create an intimate and inviting entertaining space for family and friends, balancing the existing features of the yard and home.  Outdoor fireplace, 800 sf of patio, screened with a collage of seasonally timed plant material and overhead trellis element that accents existing woodwork on the home.

Design Option 1:

Bed Prep & Plant Installation Costs: $2,000

  • (1) Specimen Tri-Color Beech Tree, planted for shade and ornamental value
  • (5) Fragrant Dwarf Korean Lilac to frame and provide balance behind the fireplace
  • (7) Winter Gem Boxwood for hedge and framing material at patio edge
  • (11) Mixture of variegated and blue Hostas for perennial cover
  • (7) Pink Astilbe for textural perennial interest and color

800 sq ft Techo-Bloc Blu 80 Slate Patio: $17,500

Techo Bloc Manchester standalone Fireplace and Pizza Oven: $18,500

Custom Designed Trellis for overhead shade that complements the existing architectural elements: $4,500

Grading & Sod: $3,000

TOTAL: $45,500

Budget Example 2:

The House:  2,500 sf new construction home, Batten Board vertical siding with stone water table, black window casing with modern accents

The Yard:  ½-acre lot, backs to protected woodlot space, steep grade change from rear entrance

The Neighborhood:  New construction homes, active streetscape with young families, most parcels border protected woodlots and have existing rear screening

The Family:  Active family of five with young children

Goals for the New Yard:  Utilize lower level of yard, create patio space and fire pit for the family to gather and enjoy.  Add accent evergreen plantings to define the patio edge and lawn, with low maintenance and deer resistance near the woodland.

Design Option 2:

Bed Prep & Plant Installation Costs: $1,000

  • (1) Multi-Stem Flowering Eastern Red Bud, planted for shade and ornamental value
  • (9) Compact Holly to frame the patio space

400 sf Limestone Brussels Unilock Paver patio: $7,500

150 sf of stone placed along patio edge for easy maintenance: $1,500

10 lf of Pisa Retaining Wall, dividing upper and lower lawn areas: $1,000

(4) Steps from higher grade to sunken patio space: $1,000

Brussels Dimensional Fire Pit: $500

Grading & Grass Seed: $1,500

TOTAL: $14,000

Hand Drawn Patio Landscape Design